Polymem Dressings

PolyMem® dressings belong to an innovative class of multifunctional wound care dressings. PolyMem dressings effectively cleanse, fill, absorb and moisten wounds throughout the healing continuum. No other single wound dressing combines these key wound-healing capabilities like PolyMem. Built right into a PolyMem dressing, these four capabilities are ready when you need them — without incurring extra costs or needing additional supplies.

Cleanse, Fill, Absorb, Moisten - All In One

  • PolyMem has been successfully used in the healthcare setting for many years. No other single wound dressing combines four key wound healing capabilities in one easy-to-use dressing like PolyMem.
  • PolyMem Provides Continuous Wound Bed Cleansing
    • PolyMem Encourages Wound Comfort and Health
    • PolyMem Offers Impressive Wound Wicking Power
      • PolyMem Provides Both a Liquid Barrier and Gas Exchange

For additional information please visit http://www.polymem.com/

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5244Polymem Roll 10x60cm8€POA Enquire
203(100)Poly Dot 5x5cm Ureth 2.5x2.5cm Memb100€POA Enquire
606Poly Isl Dress 15x15cm Uret8.75x8.7560€POA Enquire
405Poly Island Dress 10x12.5cm Urethane60€POA Enquire
5045Polymem Max No Adhesive Dress 11x11c20€POA Enquire
5088Polymem Max No Adhesive Dress 20x20c10€POA Enquire
1088Polymem Max Silver No-Adh Dress 20x2010€POA Enquire
1045Polymem Max Silver Non-Adh Drs 10x1016€POA Enquire
5044Polymem Non-Adhesive Dressing 10x10c60€POA Enquire
5055Polymem Pad 12.5 X 12.5cm30€POA Enquire
5077Polymem Pad 16.25x18.75cm30€POA Enquire
5033Polymem Pad 8cmx 8.0cm60€POA Enquire
1044Polymem Silver Pad 10.6x10.6cm30€POA Enquire
1077Polymem Silver Pad 16.25x18.75cm15€POA Enquire
5335Polymem Tube-Site 8.75x8.75cm30€POA Enquire
5733Polymem Wic Cavity Wound Filter 7.5c40€POA Enquire
5712Polymem Wic Cavity Wound Filter 8x3012€POA Enquire
1333Polymem Wic Silver Cavity Filter 8x820€POA Enquire
1814Polymem Wic Silver Cavity Filter1x3512€POA Enquire