Rainbow Trays

4 Products

  • UVA Rainbow Tray Main and Emergency Trays

    Rainbow Trays™ are an innovative but simple product that make a significant contribution to patient safety in all areas where anaesthesia is delivered.

  • Rainbow Labels and Dispenser TraysRainbow Labels and Dispenser Trays

    ISO26825:2020 compliant syringe labels for critical care anaesthetic drugs

    • Advanced adhesive works down to -60 degrees so will not fall off, even in the fridge
    • Specialist PharmaTight paper designed to perform to Pharma standards
    • Genuine Pantone colour inks for instant recognition of drug type.
  • Stop the Block Trays from Rainbow TraysStop Before you Block Trays from rainbow Trays

    Introducing the designated Rainbow Trays Stop Before You Block tray supporting the new SALG & RA-UK Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Tamper Evident Trays and Labels from Rainbow TraysRainbow Trays Tamper Evident Trays and Labels

    Building on the heritage of Rainbow Trays™, Tamper Evident trays deliver the same organisational and standardisation benefits in addition to providing a robust tamper evident sealed unit that encapsulates the chain-of-custody information.

    Designed to protect drugs, ampoules and syringes between secure locations with clear tamper-proof labelling for contents, originator and destination.