Rainbow Anaesthesia Tray Sets


Rainbow Trays™ are an innovative but simple product that make a significant contribution to patient safety in all areas where anaesthesia is delivered.


Rainbow Trays™ are an innovative but simple product that make a significant contribution to patient safety in all areas where anaesthesia is delivered.

Human factor engineered Rainbow Trays support the ISO26825:2020 colour coded critical care labelling system to reduce cognitive load, especially when working stressed or fatigued.

The compartmentalisation of drugs by type, in an order of progression that is standardised, provides a system that reduces the impacts of distractions and maintains the organisation of ampoules and syringes throughout the procedure for effective checking at all stages of administration.

Rainbow Trays™ provide a clean bacteriostatic environment for the transportation, storage and administration of anaesthetic drugs that allows for the segregation of routine, local and emergency drugs.

Rainbow Trays™ are the subject of a number of published papers to evidence the systematic, organisational and cognitive benefits that they deliver. Additional literature of interest that supports the standardisation of anaesthetic drug administration are also referenced.

Rainbow Trays™ deliver in four important ways


ISO26825:2020 critical care colours in a standard order – the same every time

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Physical separation of drugs by type reduces the risk of syringe swaps

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Infection control

Bacteriostatic segregated compartments No cross-contamination or pulp fibres

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Patient safety

Reduces cognitive load, providing thinking space for effective self-checking.

The benefits of using Rainbow Trays™

• Store syringes with ampoules

• Label matches section colour

• Always in the same order

• See what you have used

• Dedicated tray for emergency drugs

• Fully recyclable

• Bacteriostatic and fibre free

• Syringes sit fully in each section

• Ideal as a training aid

100% recyclable

Rainbow Trays™ are 100% recyclable and are manufactured using up to 80% recycled material. This both reduces costs and delivers an environmentally responsible alternative.

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Rainbow Trays take-back service

Used Rainbow Trays Collection Service for safe recycling into new products (including new Rainbow trays).

• No hassle
• No cost
• No environmental impact

We understand the frustration for healthcare workers who want to deal with waste generated at work in a sustainable way.

Whilst Rainbow Trays are 100% recyclable, there may not always be facilities to do this within their departments, so recyclable waste unnecessarily defaults to less sustainable and more expensive alternatives such as clinical waste.

Our new Rainbow Trays returns facility simply requires the return of Rainbow Trays in the original box using a pre-paid carriage label and we will do the rest.

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Emergency Anaesthesia Tray Set – 100, Local Anaesthesia Tray Set – 100, Main Base Anaesthesia Tray Set – 100, Universal Anaesthesia Tray Set – 300