Comprehensive Oral Care with Q•Care® Systems

Hospital-acquired pneumonias (HAP), including ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and non-ventilator-associated hospital-acquired pneumonia (NV-HAP) often start in the oral cavity. Bacteria, including dental plaque, can colonise in the oropharyngeal area, 3 and these pathogens can be aspirated into the lungs, causing infection. These common risk factors put both your ventilated patients and your independent patients at risk for HAP.

Comprehensive oral care for all of your patients from SAGE Products range of innovative oral care products have helped set the standard now recognised in professional guidelines. These comprehensive systems have helped increase compliance and reduce the risk of hospital-acquired pneumonia.

Q•Care® Oral Cleansing & Suctioning Systems address key VAP risk factors with a comprehensive 24-hour oral care focused on cleaning, debriding, suctioning and moisturising the entire oral cavity, while helping you comply with your oral care protocol. It’s also available with Q-Care featuring Sage Oral Solution in a convenient, single-dose bottle, and burst-pouch.

Brushing and suctioning with an antiseptic agent kills2 and mechanically removes bacterial biofilms (dental plaque) from teeth and oral tissues.

Swabbing and suctioning with Perox-A-Mint® solution helps remove dead, loosened biofilms

Water-based formula soothes and moisturizes oral tissues.

Toothette Suction Toothbrush

Helps remove dental plaque, debris and oral secretions, all known to harbour potential respiratory pathogens.

  • Available with sodium bicarbonate to mechanically cleanse.
  • Swab on back of brush helps deliver cleansing solution.
  • User-friendly thumb port provides easy suction control.
  • Three suction ports to avoid clogging. Keeps open path for debris.

Toothette Suction Swab

Helps remove debris and oral secretions while stimulating oral tissues between brushing.

  • Available with sodium bicarbonate to mechanically cleanse.
  • Soft foam heads gentle on delicate oral tissues.
  • User-friendly thumb port provides easy suction control.
  • Non-suction swabs available.

Covered Yankauer

Helps remove debris and secretions, with a user friendly soft tip one-piece design which is soft on fragile oral tissues.

Toothette® Plus Oral Swab and kits

Remove oral debris, and help keep moisturised and hydrated using Toothette® Plus Oral Swabs with / without Sodium Bicarbonate.

All swabs Individually wrapped, and all swabs are 100% adhesion tested prior to being released to market.

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OptiFlo Closed Suction Devices

A Closed Suction System with the possibility of cleaning the catheter without lavage, hence without respiration interruption. The catheter is isolated from the trachea with triple-swivel and vac control.

Ideal for routine hospital use in the ICU with your Ventilated Patients

A whole range of problems are encountered during long-term ventilation in everyday hospital practice. We have developed the OptiFlo closed suction system in order to make ventilation especially safe and hygienic, both for patient and nursing staff.

Simple and safe

With a range of different device service life spans OptFlo 24hr, 48hr and 72 Hour systems will meet your closed suction needs. With the addition of a lockable rinsing chamber OptiFlo is even safer whilst remaining perfectly simple to use.

Versatile System, One system – many possibilities

The OptiFlo closed suction system is equipped for almost all indications. OptiFlo is available in a great number of sizes and lengths, with various durations of service life and special features, as well as an extensive range of accessories. Some OptiFlo features are standard, such as the atraumatic catheter tip, secretion viewing chamber and aerosol dosage adapter.

Advantages at a glance…

  • no disconnection of tube
  • continuous ventilation
  • no Peep-loss
  • improved PEEP-seal
  • no drop in saturation
  • secretion control
  • catheter material is antibacterial
  • reduction of cerebral pressure
  • improved patient tolerance
  • extra-soft sleeve
  • lockable rinsing chamber
  • replacement interval 72 hours

NEW addition to the range with the OptiFlow 168h

The NEW 1 week Closed Suction system for longer term ventilated patients, with the addition of a Broncoscopy device port. More information is available here.