FFP3 RESPIRATOR FACE MASKS – Valmy EOR® Respiratory protection

Hypoallergenic, soft and ultra-light (less than 6 g), the EOR® mask offers both unique comfort and maximum hygiene (individual packaging) for the wearer.

The curved shape fits all types of face thus ensuring a perfect sealing. The soft material is very gentle with skin. The elastics have a high tensile strength and do not pull hair.

MPC – VR302F-07     NHS PC – BWG053

Available from Iskus Health in

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    United Kingdom
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    Republic of Ireland

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Surgical and Facial Protection

Procedural masks offer the level of protection you seek without compromising the comfort and breathability you expect.

Delivering the 4Fs of facial protection: filtration, fluid-resistance, fit and for-reduction

  • Type IIR facial protection standards
  • Mask colour: Distinctive blue-green colour
  • Protects and filters against particles
  • Fluid-resistant protection
  • Anti-fog foam:Comfortable closed-cell foam cushions the nose and cheek bones while trapping moisture to prevent fogging
  • Secure-Gard® surgical and procedural masks are fluid-resistant without using any plastic films on the inside, allowing the mask to feel cooler throughout the course of a long procedure.
  • Made using soft and comfortable materials
  • Sonically bonded: Mask large chamber has two rows of sonic bonds securing each layer together. This helps to keep the mask away from the wearers face
  • Secure Bill face mask provides a secure fit around the nose, cheekbones and mouth
  • Every surgical and procedural mask is available with and without attached eyeshield

Insta-Gard® surgical and procedural masks are the standard for both surgical and procedural masks, and they are a cost-effective solution for general use, particularly in low-fluid cases.

  • Type II facial protection standards
  • Comes in a wide variety of colours
  • Protects against particles
  • Not designed for fluid-resistance
  • Constructed of three layers of fabric
  • Made using soft and comfortable materials

Infection Control & Isolation Gowns

Having the right infection prevention measures is critical to ensuring staff, visitor and patient safety. Our complete range of infection control gowns from Cardinal Health offers options for all scenarios from AAMI Level 1,2 and 3, providing complete impervious protection when required.

Download our Infection Control & Isolation Gowns Brochure for more information