Obtain breast tissue with precision

The Achieve™ breast biopsy needles can help you obtain precise breast tissue samples using innovative design and features. For example, our Achieve™ needle has a delayed firing option that lets you visualize the needle within a lesion before capturing the sample.

The biopsy needle is guided through a small incision in the skin to the area of concern using ultrasound guidance.

Once the sample is obtained, the needle is removed and the sample is prepared and sent to a pathologist for diagnosis

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    Northern Ireland

Achieve™ biopsy device needles

The Achieve™ automatic biopsy device features a lightweight design, allowing one-handed use and convenient ultrasound transducer manipulation during breast biopsies. The delayed firing option allows you to visualise needle placement within a lesion before capturing the tissue sample.

  • Compact, lightweight design makes this device ideal for ultrasound-guided procedures.
  • Automatic firing mode releases the cannula and stylet in rapid sequence, and captures a tissue sample with one push of a button.
  • Delay firing mode lets you verify the position of the sample notch in the target area before activating the cutting cannula.
  • Zero-throw mode offers precision and reduces the threat of damage to deeper tissue with no forward throw of the needle.

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