Reducing Blood Culture Contamination

Iskus Health has been helping hospitals reduce blood culture contamination rates for many years through our Customised Blood Culture Procedure Kits and associated education and training services.

We know from our experience that standardising the procedure for taking blood cultures, using sterile procedure kits for taking blood cultures along with education and awareness on the clinical and economic impact of contaminated blood cultures can significantly reduce the risk of Blood Cultures contamination’s.

Our customised procedure kits contain the necessary components to take a blood culture in a manner which will reduce the risk of contamination. The kits also offer various needle safe closed collection systems to suit all bottle types making the procedure safe and convenient.

We also offer on-site and online training services, please see the link to our blood culture video below to give you a flavour of what we can do.

For more information on our extensive and customised procedure kit offering and services please get in touch.

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