Reducing IV Complications

Iskus health is aware of the difficulty in standardising a procedure like IV cannulation across an entire healthcare facility. One of the most effective ways to standardise this is to have all of the components included in a sterile kit which is laid out in a standard format, so that all users are using a standard set of components for each IV cannulation in line with the hospital’s policy.

We provide a comprehensive IV Cannulation Procedure Kit product offering which helps standardise the procedure and offers major time savings in gathering and setting up all the components. The procedure kits can be customised to the hospital’s cannulation policy and can even include any necessary documentation which is used to record the cannula insertion and maintenance.

One of the biggest challenges for the hospital is rolling out a kit of this nature hospital wide, due to the large number of areas where cannulations are performed and also the wide range and number of healthcare workers cannulating. Iskus Health offer a comprehensive education and awareness roll-out to ensure a smooth introduction and widespread adoption of these kits.

To explore your options for a customised IV cannulation procedure kit please contact us.

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