Iskus Health offers a wide range of Surgical Speciality based procedure packs combining the key standard components for each identified procedure within the surgical, maternity and angiography specialities.

The key benefits of using Customised Procedure Packs are:

  • Reduced time to setup for procedure as all components are contained in one pack.
    • One Pack One Pick saving staff time and numbers
    • Time savings accrued can lead to additional procedures being performed.
  • Reduced inaccuracies of product as all components are contained in one pack.
  • Standardisation of components and layout improve compliance and reduce errors.
  • Infection prevention strategy as all the necessary components are supplied to specification in a pre-sterile pack in a hospital defined sequence.
  • Reduction in waste & wastage as only one set of packaging to open for a procedure of between 20 and 60 components. As procedures packs are customer specific the pack only contains the hospital chosen components.
  • Inventory Reduction as the customised packs will contain up to 50 or more items the need to order and hold inventory of these individual items is eliminated. Resulting in less purchase orders, deliveries, unpacking, stocking, checking and reordering of components. It also eliminates invoice and payment processing saving both nursing and administration time and costs.


Iskus Health work with established manufacturers and have several thousand approved components available for inclusion. Special hospital specific components can be sourced and approved for inclusion in accordance with your needs.


Please contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.

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