WingGuard Catheter Securement Device

Ideally suited to securing PICC line securement.

  • Silicone top layer allows for clean removal of dressings
  • Extremely easy to apply and remove
  • Universal size secures any size or type of PICC catheter
  • Low-profile design minimises bumping and jostling to the site
  • Pliable construction conforms comfortably to body contours
  • Patient-friendly adhesive is gentle, yet stays in place for long wear times
  • Latex-free materials

“improved adhesive products and securement devices… are essential to provide increased catheter stability.
Such products… may reduce catheter dislodgement and the necessity of reinsertion with its associated needle stick risk.”
– From the OSHA FactSheet: Securing Medical Catheters

Available from Iskus Health in

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    United Kingdom
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    Republic of Ireland

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