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    Are you suffering from sore or cracked nipples?

    Nursicare Therapeutic Breast pads can help. 

    When Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads are placed on the sore nipple, the pad’s ingredients work to reduce inflammation, pain and support the healing process.  Little erosions caused by a suckling infant can lead to severe nipple and areolar pain. 1.

  • Theya Petal Bamboo BriefsTheya Petal Bamboo Briefs

    Far beyond ordinary underwear, these post-surgery pants are designed to be a healing companion. Perfect for recovery from pelvic, abdominal, or vaginal surgeries, such as labiaplasty, or during radiotherapy treatments, their bamboo composition is specially tailored to expedite healing after any surgical procedure.

  • Theya Surgical and Maternity ShortsTheya Surgical and Maternity Shorts

    So much more than your average underpants. Our Rose Bamboo Shorts will stay by your side, helping you heal and feel like your amazing self again. Whether its pelvic, abdominal, vaginal surgery such as labiaplasty, or radiotherapy, these little bamboo beauties are recommended by surgeons worldwide and designed to accelerate your recovery after any procedure. Recommended by healthcare professionals worldwide, loved by women.

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    The bras have no tags, wires or elastics and are made from an incredibly soft bamboo derived viscose so they offer a very comfortable experience post surgery. The anti-bacterial properties of our fabric, together with its breathability and superior wicking capacity make it ideal to support the healing process.