At Iskus Health we are #ImprovingPatientOutcomes as an independent supplier of clinically differentiated medical and surgical devices and consumables. Our products prevent avoidable infections, delivering safer, easier patient care and reduce the total cost of healthcare.

We specialise in the Sales, Marketing, Clinical education and Distribution of the products we represent within our respective fields and are proud to be representing both global and regional medical device manufacturers.

A core focus of Iskus is the Acute Hospital sector where we specialise in products used in the Operating Theatre, Intensive Care, Accident & Emergency and other critical acute care departments.

We have a very proud reputation for customer service excellence and preferred supplier partner for our customers and manufacturers alike.

Fittingly, Iskus is a Greek word meaning ‘bodily health & strength’.



Helping keep NG Tubes secure and reduce the risk of nasal pressure sores


Labour Standards Assurance System

Iskus Health is implementing this revised LSAS policy, which is deemed appropriate in nature and scale to the Company. This policy is based on internationally recognized standards set out in the NHS Supplier Code of Conduct and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We have referred to the UN’s Universal Decleration of Human Right…