Infection Prevention & Critical Care

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  • Steriwave Nasal Photodisinfection Device from Iskus HealthSteriwave Nasal Photodisinfection – How to use

    Steriwave™ technology to reduce infections

    Steriwave™ is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial providing targeted decolonisation safely, effectively, and quickly. Photodisinfection eliminates topical pathogens rapidly and does not generate resistance. It is a highly effective antimicrobial that targets bacterial biofilm, viruses, yeasts and fungi without harming human tissue.

  • A bathing concept for the 21st century: hygienic, comfortable and efficient

    Washing without water with Swash®, for improved quality in healthcare

  • Microban® Technology Within healthcare environments, pathogens can survive on surfaces for long periods of time, which can lead to cross-contamination between staff, patients & their relatives, increasing the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Engineered to aid infection prevention with built-in Microban® silver technology, SilverShield®, MARLUX Disposable Curtains provide superior antibacterial protection…

  • Helps remove dental plaque, debris and oral secretions, all known to harbour potential respiratory pathogens.

  • Give a better bath by eliminating the basin with our range of Comfort Bath® cleansing washcloths and Shampoo Caps

  • Swash® Perineum Wipes

    Give fragile skin the complete care it deserves

    Swash® Perineum 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 product available

    Swash® Perineum 3-in-1 incontinence care products are intended to clean, care for and protect the skin – in one simple step. Swash® Perineum+ takes incontinence care one step further: The 4-in-1 incontinence care products are designed not only to clean, care for and protect, but also to help the skin to restore. This step is possible thanks to the newly developed lotion with Trixotric® – a formula which helps the skin to restore faster.


  • 60.0096.00

    Hypoallergenic, soft and ultra-light (<6g), the EOR® mask offers both unique comfort and maximum hygiene (individual packaging) for the wearer.

  • A Closed Suction System with the possibility of cleaning the catheter without lavage, hence without respiration interruption.

  • Reduce BSI and SSI risk factors as a part of the patient bathing process with SAGE Products 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate w/v Impregnated Pads.