Kurin Lock®

The SIMPLE Solution for Improved Blood Culture Collection

The patented Kurin Lock with Flash Technology transforms a regular blood culture collection set into a powerful yet simple way to put skin contaminants on the sideline.

Each Kurin® collection set features industry-leading butterfly needles and is compatible with all major blood culture bottles. The integrated Kurin Lock® enables clinicians to sideline the initial flash of blood, which may contain skin microbes, with no change in collection practice.



The enormous problem with false-positive blood cultures

Determining whether a bloodstream infection exists is critical to the wellbeing of patients and the financial health of hospitals.

A blood culture test is the gold standard for identifying bacteremia.

Each year, millions of blood culture tests influence patient care decisions in the UK. The majority will find no infection, but of the cultures that test positive, almost 50% are false-positive results.

When blood cultures test positive—whether true or false—immediate action is taken to treat the patient with antibiotic therapy.


Roughly 20% of the microbes present in skin reside deep in the dermis layer and may be drawn into blood samples. Without a way to avoid these microbes, hospitals have accepted high rates of seemingly unavoidable false positives.

Why use it?

Approximately 50% of all positive blood cultures are false positive results due to blood culture contamination.

Hospitals spend £4,000-£8,000 per false positive test that leads to unnecessary treatment of non-existent bloodstream infections. There are high costs for patients as well. Extended hospital stays increase the risk of hospital-acquired infections and adverse events. Unnecessary antibiotics increase the risk of allergic reactions, drug interactions, and drug-resistant superbugs.

The Kurin Solution

Traditional blood culture collection methods provide skin microbes a direct line to the culture bottle

Kurin technology sidelines contaminants in the initial flash of blood which may contain skin contaminants. Roughly 20% of the microbes present in skin reside deep in the dermis. With venipuncture, contaminants may be dislodged and drawn into blood culture samples leading to high rates of seemingly unavoidable false positives.

Standing guard between the venipuncture site and the culture bottle, the Kurin Lock® specimen diversion technology corrals blood from the venipuncture site while the clinically relevant blood sample flows into the blood culture bottle.

Each Kurin blood culture collection set features Kurin Lock®, a small but powerful device that automatically sidelines the initial flash of blood during the routine process of drawing a blood culture.

Serves as a flash chamber to provide visual confirmation of proper needle placement in the vein.

Contaminants residing in the initial ~0.15ml volume of blood (35x a standard 21G needle) are captured in the u-shaped Kurin Lock®

When the collection bottle is attached, blood flows directly from the vein into the culture bottle through a separate channel.

Benefits of Kurin

Simple. Passive. High return. Low waste. Better.

High compliance
Kurin requires no change in patient experience or caregiver practice, enabling caregivers to continue using familiar, proven venipuncture technique.

Antimicrobial Stewardship
Kurin use may support efforts to ensure appropriate antibiotics use and combat the virulence of multidrug-resistant super bugs.

Point of care practicality
A compact, elegant design offers space-efficient storage, minimal packaging, and convenient disposal in standard medical waste receptacles.

Blood conserving
Requiring only ≈0.15 ml of precious blood to accomplish a ≈35x washout of a 21-gauge needle, Kurin sidelines skin microbes without slowing down busy clinicians, is sensitive to blood wastage, and can be used with pediatric patients.

Visual confirmation of venipuncture
Kurin acts as a flash chamber, allowing the clinician to visually confirm the proper needle placement in the vein.

High return
Kurin has engineered a solution that may yield enormous financial returns for the hospitals.

Can be easily kitted
Kurin can be added to blood culture procedure kits to aid in compliance of hospital protocols.

Kurin Inservice Videos


Kurin Clinical Evidence

When Kurin was used, even hospitals below the 3% benchmark significantly reduced blood culture contamination (BCC) rates and achieved substantial cost savings.

UK NHS Impact Data

Reducing False – Positive Blood Cultures in Adult A & E using a Initial Specimen Diversion Device (Kurin).



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