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  • ChloraPrep™ is a rapid-acting, persistent, and broad-spectrum skin antisepsis preparation for a range of minor and major medical and surgical procedures.

  • DryMax wound care offers a wide range of superabsorbents, designed to maintain control of wet wounds.

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    Cardinal Health, Secure-Gard® surgical and Insta-Gard™ procedural masks offer the level of protection you seek without compromising the comfort and breathability you expect.

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    Are you suffering from sore or cracked nipples?

    Nursicare Therapeutic Breast pads can help. 

    When Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads are placed on the sore nipple, the pad’s ingredients work to reduce inflammation, pain and support the healing process.  Little erosions caused by a suckling infant can lead to severe nipple and areolar pain. 1.

  • The PleurX™ catheter system provides effective at-home palliation of symptoms associated with recurrent pleural effusions and malignant ascites. This clinically proven treatment option allows patients to manage their symptoms through intermittent drainages in the comfort of their homes with minimal physician intervention.
  • Polymeric membrane dressing

    A unique multifunctional polymeric membrane dressing, designed to facilitate healing, relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

    PolyMem® dressings are a hydrophilic polyurethane matrix dressing with a mild, non-toxic wound cleanser, a soothing moisturiser, a superabsorbent and a semi-permeable film backing*.

  • Prevalon® Heel Protectors are the number one brand of heel protection

  • Iskus Health offer a varied variety of procedure kits including:

    • Renal Dialysis Kits
    • Blood Culture Procedure Kits
    • IV Cannulation Kits
    • Spinal and Anaesthesia Kits
    • PICC Line Maintenance Kits
  • Designed to aid in the reduction of medication errors in anaesthesia and improve patient safety.

  • Merit Scout Radar Localisation DeviceMerir

    The Preferred Localisation Solution From Biopsy to Surgery

    The SCOUT system has been clinically demonstrated to drive value and improve patient outcomes. SCOUT is proven to improve radiology workflow and significantly reduce OR delays. Using SCOUT, surgeons can precisely target the affected tissue to pinpoint its location within 1mm, which can mean more successful surgeries, optimised breast conservation strategies, and enhanced outcomes for women.

  • Steriwave Nasal Photodisinfection Device from Iskus HealthSteriwave Nasal Photodisinfection – How to use

    Steriwave™ technology to reduce infections

    Steriwave™ is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial providing targeted decolonisation safely, effectively, and quickly. Photodisinfection eliminates topical pathogens rapidly and does not generate resistance. It is a highly effective antimicrobial that targets bacterial biofilm, viruses, yeasts and fungi without harming human tissue.

  • Providing a comprehensive and complete selection of surgical drapes and ancillary products that offer patients and clinicians the protection they want and need  all surgical procedures.

  • Inspired by long days on your feet, our surgical gowns stand up to the rigors of your work, helping to keep you safe from potentially harmful elements.