Vascular Access

8 Products

  • The SIMPLE Solution for Improved Blood Culture Collection

    The patented Kurin Lock with Flash Technology transforms a regular blood culture collection set into a powerful yet simple way to put skin contaminants on the sideline.

    Each Kurin® collection set features industry-leading butterfly needles and is compatible with all major blood culture bottles. The integrated Kurin Lock® enables clinicians to sideline the initial flash of blood, which may contain skin microbes, with no change in collection practice.


  • TauroLock® catheter locking solution protects your patient from catheter-associated risks. Containing a combination of Heparin, Taurolodine and low concentrations of Citrate, you no longer have to compromise on patency or infection control.

  • Tournistrip® single use Tourniquet looks and operates like a conventional tourniquet, but Its unique design and construction means the tourniquet is truly single use, and it cannot be re-used.

  • The Sentra Peripheral IV safety Cannula range of products help in make IV therapy more convenient and safer for the healthcare providers and less painful for the patients.

  • FlexAgripTM with shape memory properties designed to take the shape of any type of catheter providing superior catheter securement. The FlexAgripTM device was engineered to withstand high pull forces while providing patient comfort due to its soft, breathable materials used.



  • Altius CVCs feature unique Multi-TubeTM technology and are available from 1-5 and 7 lumen configurations.

  • The Delta Purple PICC range is an excellent solution to infuse contrast media with a maximum pressure of 300 psi and a flow rate equal to 5 ml / sec.