Type IIR Face masks


250 masks (carton of 5 boxes, each containing 50 masks)

Protect Yourself and Others with Type IIR Medical Face Masks

Our Type IIR medical procedure face masks are made from a high quality meltblown material delivering a performance standard compliant with EN14683:2019. Giving confidence in the mask you are wearing is safe and effective to those around you. Manufactured in France for to ensure a reliable supply chain for our customers

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Type IIR Face mask specification

  • EN14683:2019 Compliant
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency >98%
  • Differential Pressure P< 40Pa/c㎡
  • Splash resistance pressure ≥ 16.0 kPa
  • Microbial Cleanliness ≤30cfu/g
  • Comfortable for wearer with elastic wide mounted ears loops
  • Manufactured from high quality Meltblown material line BFE ≥ 98%. 3ply PP+Meltblown+PP


     Purchasing options

  • Option 1: Case of 2,000 with 40 boxes of 50 units – Available direct or via NHS Supplychain
  • Option 2: Box of 200 units with 4 boxes of 50 units – Available direct via online purchase above

What are they made from?

The marks are a 3-ply construction, with an outer spunbound non-woven layer, a middle filter layer which is melt blown non-woven, and an inner layer which is spunbound non-woven.