Procedure Kits

Iskus Health offer a varied variety of procedure kits including:

  • Renal Dialysis Kits
  • Blood Culture Procedure Kits
  • IV Cannulation Kits
  • Spinal and Anaesthesia Kits
  • PICC Line Maintenance Kits


Iskus Health offer a varied variety of procedure kits including:

  • Renal Dialysis Kits
  • Blood Culture Procedure Kits
  • IV Cannulation Kits
  • Spinal and Anaesthesia Kits
  • PICC Line Maintenance Kits


Renal Dialysis Kits

Iskus Health offer a fully customised range of both Central Line and Fistula ‘On’ and ‘Off’ kits for renal dialysis. The kit layout and contents are designed around your Unit’s protocol, aiding standardisation of your procedure and compliance with your protocol.

The kits offer many infection prevention benefits, which include having everything sterile in the kit at the point of use and minimize the need to open additional items into the sterile field. They also contain items which are not usually sterile, including pre-cut strips of adhesive tape.

The kits are convenient, offer time savings in setting up for the procedure and ordering of individual components. They also reduce waste, as the kits only contain the components required for the specific procedure you are undertaking.

Iskus would be glad to visit your unit to show you some examples of the kits we have to offer and discuss your specific requirements.

All our procedure kits can be purchased through NHS SC Frameworks.

Blood Culture Procedure Kits

Reducing Blood Culture Contamination

Iskus Health has been helping hospitals reduce blood culture contamination rates for many years through our Customised Blood Culture Procedure Kits and associated education and training services.

We know from our experience that standardising the procedure for taking blood cultures, using sterile procedure kits for taking blood cultures along with education and awareness on the clinical and economic impact of contaminated blood cultures can significantly reduce the risk of Blood Cultures contamination’s.

Our customised procedure kits contain the necessary components to take a blood culture in a manner which will reduce the risk of contamination. The kits also offer various needle safe closed collection systems to suit all bottle types making the procedure safe and convenient.

We also offer on-site and online training services, please see the link to our blood culture video below to give you a flavour of what we can do.

For more information on our extensive and customised procedure kit offering and services please get in touch.

IV Cannulation Kits


Reducing IV Complications

Iskus health is aware of the difficulty in standardising a procedure like IV cannulation across an entire healthcare facility. One of the most effective ways to standardise this is to have all of the components included in a sterile kit which is laid out in a standard format, so that all users are using a standard set of components for each IV cannulation in line with the hospital’s policy.

We provide a comprehensive IV Cannulation Procedure Kit product offering which helps standardise the procedure and offers major time savings in gathering and setting up all the components. The procedure kits can be customised to the hospital’s cannulation policy and can even include any necessary documentation which is used to record the cannula insertion and maintenance.

One of the biggest challenges for the hospital is rolling out a kit of this nature hospital wide, due to the large number of areas where cannulations are performed and also the wide range and number of healthcare workers cannulating. Iskus Health offer a comprehensive education and awareness roll-out to ensure a smooth introduction and widespread adoption of these kits.

To explore your options for a customised IV cannulation procedure kit please contact us.

Spinal and Anaesthesia Kits


skus Health offer a comprehensive range of Spinal/Anaesthesia kits which include all of the necessary components to carry out these procedures. Due to the flexibility we offer we can customise these kits for individual users and can manufacture in large or small quantities.

From our many discussions with the end users we are aware of the importance of draping to the users. We can offer a wide range of draping options with many configurations in terms of sizes, fenestrations and draping material. We can even design customised drapes for specific requirements.

PICC Line Maintenance Kits

Iskus Health are aware of the challenges with certain procedures carried out in the community setting. PICC Line Maintenance is a procedure which requires many components and is carried by a wide number of nurses across a wide geographical area in the community. Standardising what people are using for the maintenance of the PICC Line and how they are carrying it out can be very challenging.

One of the most effective ways to ensure standardisation of components used and of how the procedure is carried out is to produce a customised PICC Line Maintenance Kit. PICC Line Maintenance Kits also save time in gathering and stocking the many components required for this procedure and reduce the risk of forgetting components when stocking up the vehicle used to go to the patient’s house.

Iskus offer a customised PICC Line Maintenance Kit service to help overcome these challenges, so please contact us to find out more.