Swash Patient Bathing

A bathing concept for the 21st century: hygienic, comfortable and efficient

Washing without water with Swash®, for improved quality in healthcare


The Swash® bathing products are especially designed to provide a daily rinsefree full body wash for care recipients with impaired mobility and the need of assisted bathing due to their health condition.
Swash® uses a system of wash gloves and wipes soaked in a special lotion which cleans and nourishes the skin. One package of 8 Swash® gloves and wipes is sufficient for one full body wash. Each section of the body is washed with a separate wash glove or wipe, then discarded with no need to rinse and/or dry the skin.


Universal decolonization with 2% Chlorhexidine Digluconate (CHG) removes potentially harmful bacteria from your skin and hair. Swash Antiseptic Bathing is the perfect solution

Swash bathing

Swash antiseptic