Available in Republic of Ireland

  • Steriwave Nasal Disinfection In use with patient from Iskus Health

    Steriwave™ eliminates a major source of infections with a simple, 5-minute treatment so patients can be healthier and hospitals free up critical resources for more patients.

  • Providing a comprehensive and complete selection of surgical drapes and ancillary products that offer patients and clinicians the protection they want and need  all surgical procedures.

  • Inspired by long days on your feet, our surgical gowns stand up to the rigors of your work, helping to keep you safe from potentially harmful elements.

  • Disposable Surgical and Mob CapsDisposable Surgical and Mob Caps

    Surgical Headwear collection, featuring Mob Caps and Surgical Caps. Designed for healthcare professionals, these headwear options offer superior comfort and reliable protection. Made with high-quality materials, they ensure a sterile environment during medical procedures. Choose Iskus Health for top-notch medical supplies that prioritise hygiene and provide a secure fit for optimal performance in the operating room.

  • Privac High-Vacuum Systems 200ml

    High-vacuum systems can be used together with Redon drains for post-operative wound drainage. They are available as complete sets, OR systems and ward systems.

    • PRIVAC® 200ml
    • PRIVAC® 400ml
    • PRIVAC® Special variant 400ml
    • PRIVAC® 600ml
  • Pri-Med Wound Drainage Kit with Flat Drain

    Low-vacuum drains with flat drains are used for suction-assisted, postoperative drainage of wound secretions. They comprise a silicone collecting bulb, which can be compressed to generate a vacuum for active suction support and a J.P. flat drain made of silicone. In addition to this active drainage, the system can also function by means of passive (gravity) drainage.

    • Drainage kit with flat drain
    • Silicone reservoir with Luer lock connection
    • Passive Drainage (Gravity drainage) with silicone soft drain
  • Silicone Drains for Wound Drainage

    Silicone drains are tissue-friendly and provide a gentle wound drainage method. They are available in a variety of models and lengths for a range of different applications.

    • Soft Silicone Round Drains
    • Channel drains without trocar
    • Channel drains with trocar
    • Soft Silicone Flat Drains
  • The SIMPLE Solution for Improved Blood Culture Collection

    The patented Kurin Lock with Flash Technology transforms a regular blood culture collection set into a powerful yet simple way to put skin contaminants on the sideline.

    Each Kurin® collection set features industry-leading butterfly needles and is compatible with all major blood culture bottles. The integrated Kurin Lock® enables clinicians to sideline the initial flash of blood, which may contain skin microbes, with no change in collection practice.


  • Tournistrip® single use Tourniquet looks and operates like a conventional tourniquet, but Its unique design and construction means the tourniquet is truly single use, and it cannot be re-used.

  • A Closed Suction System with the possibility of cleaning the catheter without lavage, hence without respiration interruption.